Makeup for All Occasions

Mineral makeup gets its radiant color from the earths natural minerals.Color pigments are refined and blended into a loose cosmetic powder that reflects the light minimizing flaws and enhanccing your skins own natural beauty. Mineral Makeup actually heals,balances and sheilds your skin.It coats your skin with a delicate protectve layer that prevents environmental pollutants from penetrating.

Our Mineral Makeup Line is a gift from Nature

Our licensed aesthetician uses our personal product line, Imeji Mineral Makeup™, to enhance your outer beauty. She can also teach you how to apply your own makeup so you can purchase these salon quality products and use them at home.


• Application: $35.00 — For the occasions when you want to look your best.

• Lesson: $100.00 — We Analyze your face type and color palette. A detailed explanation of corrective makeup application, eye shape, cheek contour, lip shape, and a detailed face map if provided.

Bridal Makeup: We offer bridal potrait makeup application before and during photo sessions. We also offer makeup applications for weddings can include anyone from the bride,  to a bridesmaid, or even the mother of the bride. Call (866) 621-7221 for more information.

Makeup Brushes

We sell professional makeup brushes and carry a full line to suit all of your application needs.

• Shadow Brushes: $7.00
• Large Fluff: $8.50
• Blending: $10.00
• Angle Shading: $10.00
• Blush: $15.00
• Contour: $12.00
• Foundation: $35.00
• Despensing Brush: $25.00
• Blush: $20.00
• Shadow: $10.00
• Lipsick: $15.00
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